Do you want to be a supplier?

ANAV’s supplier recording, classification and selection processes are based on the criteria of objectivity, impartionality and equal opportunities and prevents any conflict in their selection. Transparency and competition are promoted in the selection processes, as part of management efficiency criteria.

EIn Spain, ANAV uses the RePro registration system for supplier pre-qualification. RePro is a database containing updated information on companies that provide services to the main players in the energy industry. Access to RePro is permanently open to any supplier. The types of records are indicated below:

Basic record: non-strategic or technically non-complex products and/or services and low value purchases.

Acces / Modificación of Basic Record

RePro Record: strategic and critical products and/or services and significant value purchases or large contract value. Purchases under framework agreement.

Access to RePro Record

The supplier shall update the data introduced in the Basic Record at least once per year. To do so, they shall access “modificación de datos” (Data modification). ANAV uses this record of suppliers as a reference when contracting, in order to ensure compliance with the commitments announced.

When required by ANAV, the supplier shall be registered in the RePro Record (Step 3, Extended Record) to be able to participate in a bidding process.

The operation of the Ascó and Vandellós II nuclear power plants is managed by the Asociación Nuclear Ascó-Vandellós II, A.I.E. (ANAV), which is owned by the utilities Endesa Generación and Iberdrola Generación. Its objective is to guarantee energy production is performed in a safe, reliable and environmentally friendly manner, ensuring long term generation.

To this end, the plants are managed based on a series of strategic policies:

  • Priority of Safety
  • Safety culture
  • Internal and external communications. Relationships with regulator
  • Gestión Eficiente
  • Quality / Continuous improvement
  • Long-term production
  • Material condition of the facilities
  • Effective personnel development

ANAV has the following ISO quality certifications: