Commitment to people

ANAV’s staff comprises a group of trained and demanding individuals, committed to team work. The commitments acquired by the nuclear industry require a constant drive and the best tailwind to achieve this is having a good organisation.

Learning every day

Operating nuclear power plants requires highly skilled nuclear professionals. These competencies are trained and retrained continuously. Within the context of the Professional Development Plan, workers spent over 3% of their working hours improving and consolidating their competencies in different fields related to their daily activities. Two strategic topics, safety and risk prevention, are noteworthy examples.

Objective: 0 accidents

Training and raising awareness amongst the professionals have proven to be effective prevention tools in the mid- and long-term. Although the work accident rate has been constantly decreasing over the years, the goal set by ANAV is to reach zero accidents.

Training for Leadership

High-level training is one of the cornerstones of safety and reliability in the nuclear industry. At Ascó and Vandellós II nuclear power plants, each worker is trained an average of over 65 hours a year.

Experts in Radiological Protection

Over 2000 professionals, including ANAV’s utility personnel and that from contractor companies, work at the Ascó and Vandellós II plants. All of them work hard with responsibility, training and good practices to minimise radiation exposure.

Radiation exposure levels are continuously monitored and supervised by the Nuclear Safety Council.

Two Synchronised generations

The Ascó and Vandellós II nuclear power plants were commissioned in the eighties and in recent years they have faced one of their greatest challenges: the workers who were going to retire had to pass the baton without the organisation losing all their experience.

With a trained, motivated and critical staff, the Ascó and Vandellós II nuclear power plants respond every day to the challenge of generating zero-emission energy.






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of their working hours allocated to training