Commitment to integrity

ANAV considers that adopting good corporate governance practices is a strategic decision, understanding this as integrity applied to all levels of the company. Business ethics and responsibility are the cornerstones of credibility and stability, and drive the business development and value creation for society.

Ethics and regulatory compliance as business drivers

ANAV’s activity takes into account socially accepted good governance and ethical behaviour criteria. For this reason, the organisation has adopted a series of rules, principles and procedures to govern its structure and performance at all levels.

In this respect, in the last few years ANAV has implemented a significant number of initiatives focused on reinforcing safety and behaviours, modernising and updating equipment and systems, and developing procedures that are key to guaranteeing the safe and reliable long-term operation of the plants.

Additionally, ANAV Management’s commitment to society and to the highest levels of compliance with the industry’s regulations, led to the implementation of its own criminal risk prevention organisation and management model, in 2016. The Compliance Officer figure and the Ethics Channel are essential parts of this model.

ANAV has adopted “Professional Ethical Behaviour Rules” that are an essential part of the corporate compliance culture and a reflection of its constant commitment to self-regulation, ethics, integrity and transparency.

Integrity and transparency drive ANAV’s activities.

Cooperation and transparency

Electricity generation is an essential driver for economic and social development and ANAV reinforces this commitment with transparency, sharing values and a positive dialogue with the nuclear power plants’ environment. Along this line, communication and cooperation channels are kept open with the local administrations and entities.

Equality Commission

For ANAV, developing labour relationships based on respect for diversity, an effective equality between men and women with regards to access to work, training and work conditions, as well as support for differently abled workers to facilitate their labour integration are key.

To guarantee this, ANAV has an Equality Commission made up of management personnel and worker representatives. The Equality Commission proposes actions aimed to achieve effective equality within the organisation, and monitors performance indicators.

ANAV’s Strategic Plan has defined 25 excellence goals for 2025. The document describes the active role of the organisation to address major social, environmental and economic challenges, and conveys its firm intention to be an agent of the social and transformational change of the energy industry.