to continuous improvement

ANAV promotes the plants’ continuous improvement by applying demanding and quality policies. Investment, development of new projects, training and international cooperation are the keys to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the facilities.

We feel responsible to improve

At ANAV, we have accepted the challenge to improve every day in order to keep up with our commitments to society at all times. Training and the recruitment of new talent reinforces personnel experience, while new technologies enable us to update our facilities, making them more robust and efficient.

Additionally to design modifications and constant critical review of work procedures, we also prepare and train ANAV’s personnel in accordance with the highest standards.

Plant in optimum condition

The updating of a nuclear power plant is not a one-off event. Maintenance and technological renewal take place continuously and preventively throughout the plant’s service life in order to ensure safety and always have our plants in optimum conditions.

International experience demonstrates that appropriately managing the equipment and systems year after year provides sufficient warranties for the power plants to operate safely for the long-term.

In fact, there has been a constant renewal of components and improvement of procedures at the Ascó and Vandellós II nuclear power plants since they both began operating in the eighties. These actions, stemming from the exchange of experience and information with other plant operators, have required millions in investments and keep the plants in optimum conditions for operation.

Thus, over the years very significant elements that were part of the original design have been renewed, such as the reactor vessel heads, the steam generators, the plant computer systems and the transformers, and new systems have been installed to increase the safety and reliability of the facilities.


The renewal of technology and procedures has been constant since the plants were commissioned in the eighties.


Invested in the last 20 years

Through inspections, ANAV monitors the condition of structures, systems and components. This information enables ageing to be managed, anticipating needs.

Landmark updates

A noteworthy example of the new technologies that ANAV has incorporated into its plants throughout the years is the new fresh water cooling system at Vandellós II, which is independent of the sea. Ascó, on their part, commissioned a cooling tower in the mid-nineties, in order to have additional cooling capacity.

Do nuclear power plants age?

People take care of themselves to lessen the impact of ageing and continue to feel well. And this must also be the case with industrial facilities that have been designed to last many years, such as nuclear power plants.